John Manuel Agudelo

Remington University
Country: Colombia

John Manuel Agudelo Camacho is a graduate of Mv UdeA University with a Master's degree in Public Health. Currently, he serves as a Simulation Professor at Uniremington University. With a passion for education and community resilience, John is dedicated to making a difference in the field of public health

Cebritos, a Pedagogical Experience that Changes the World

CEBRITOS is a remarkable pedagogical strategy born from the research group CEBRA, affiliated with Remington University's Special Corps of Search and Rescue for Animals. With a focus on risk management, CEBRITOS aims to empower communities to respond effectively to natural disasters. University students take on the role of educators, teaching children who, in turn, pass on their learnings to their schoolmates through playfulness and a culture of happiness. This incredible experience is making a lasting impact on all involved.