AI ChatBot

Following Dr Steve Glassey’s presentation at GADMC2023 on Can artificial intelligence prevent lessons lost?, we now have launched a beta-version animal disaster management knowledge base, that forms part of his Real-time Artificially Intelligent Doctrine (RAID) model.

The Dante ChatBot shown below is in beta-mode as we work on submitting a wider range of documents, websites and files to it.


ChatBot FAQ

If I share my files, are they secure?

Using Dante-AI, they store the content on secure and encrypted AWS servers and cannot read or access your documents.

How can I share my files?

Files not available in public should be supplied by the owner of the files for them to be considered for inclusion in the GADMC ChatBot.

We will be working on a process for sharing files, including documents, pictures and videos.

Do my files have to be in English?

No. Dante is inclusive and language-friendly, with support for 100+ languages. Even if the original document is in a different language, Dante can detect the language of the question being asked and respond appropriately.