Valentyna Vozna

Taskforce Coordinator
Eurogroup for Animals
Country: Ukraine


Valentyna Vozna is a SciencesPo graduate. Passionate about animals, she changed her career path in the beginning of Russia's full-scale war on Ukraine and joined Eurogroup for Animals to work as a coordinator of the Taskforce for Ukraine focused on companion animals. Having witnessed the plight of animals in the war and the willingness of Ukrainians to bring their animals to the EU, Valentyna is advocating for better animal protection in the EU in times of disasters.

What Could the EU do to Better Protect Animals in Disasters?

Animals play an important role in human lives and in rebuilding the community after a disaster, although there is still little acknowledgement of this by policy makers and humanitarian responders. While achieving a protection for all species in disasters remains a longer-term goal, the immediate solution lies in the legal inclusion of animals into the disaster law in the EU with the aim of including animal welfare actors into the development of disaster management plans and into a coordinated disaster response mechanism in the EU. This presentation will examine current opportunities in the EU to include animals into the existing disaster management framework - Union Civil Protection Mechanism. It will also call for better dialogue at the EU level of rescue and veterinary teams, civil protection authorities, animal-related ministries, animal welfare NGOs and humanitarian NGOs, academia, parliamentarians and the EC’s Directorate Generals (DG AGRI, DG ECHO, DG ENVI, DG MARE, DG SANTE).