Speaker Profile


Peta Norris
Senior Project Officer/Wildlife Coordinator
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
Wildlife response in bushfires: lessons from the Black Summer of 2019-20 in NSW, Australia.

Peta Norris has worked in conservation and land management with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) since graduating with an honours degree in environmental science from the University of Newcastle in the 1990s. She is now leading the NSW government's $1 million bushfire relief for wildlife rehabilitators program, having previously led conservation and wildlife recovery programs across NPWS reserves in the Hunter and Central Coast following the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20. Peta has worked in park operations as a ranger and area manager for over two decades and she holds qualifications in environmental science, ecology, environmental law, government management, bushfire and incident management, and workplace training and assessment. She has extensive experience planning and delivering bushfire management programs in conservation reserves, as well as leading bushfire suppression operations. She is one of a handful of NPWS officers qualified as a major incident controller with the NSW Rural Fire Service. Peta has contributed to the design and delivery of multi-agency fire and incident management training in NSW and interstate.