Speaker Profile


Jeremy Rogers
Senior Veterinary Officer
Primary Industries & Regions, SA (PIRSA)
Treatment of livestock affected by fire, successes and failures

In South Australia larger wildfires are becoming more frequent, and an unfortunate impact of these fires is injury and death of wildlife , domestic pets and livestock species. A previous paper discussed and compared decision making and triage processes in the field for livestock in the immediate aftermath, but there appears to be very little literature available to Veterinary Practitioners, or livestock owners around the treatments available to surviving animals that are practical, cost and time effective, and may have a good prognosis. This paper presents a collection of experience from the authors and others that may be helpful to practitioners and others in guiding decision making, especially for those who may have little experience in this area. In the complex and stressful environment immediately after a fire impact the welfare and prognosis after management and treatment of livestock is important, but mental health of producers also needs to be considered.

Jeremy Rogers has been a vet for nearly 40 years, the last 19 of these have been as a Veterinary Officer with PIRSA. Jeremy is also a member of a local volunteer Fire and Emergency Service (27 years) , and as a result becomes involved in most larger fires and emergencies in South Australia, both as a Fire Fighter , and later as a Government Veterinary Officer providing animal welfare services to affected producers.

Jeremy has many outdoor interests including kayaking, rock climbing, camping and soccer referee, and is very involved in local Church and other community activities. Jeremy and Helen have 3 adult sons and 2 grandsons that give much enjoyment.

Jeremy's video is not available unfortunately. However, a copy of his presentation slides are available here.