Jackson Zee

Director Disaster Relief Unit
Four Paws International
Country: Austria

FOUR PAWS Director of the Disaster Relief Unit

Jackson has worked for many conservation and animal welfare organisations, and has over 20 years of experience in non-profit management, providing support and expertise to hands-on work with animals. He responded to disaster relief efforts in Iraq, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, India, the Caribbean, Australia, and the USA.


Jackson is the Director of the Disaster Relief Unit, which assists communities with animals affected by disasters. He is currently affiliated with universities in the USA and China.

Championing Animal Disaster Law at an International Level

This presentation advocates for the importance of championing animal disaster law on an international level. Disasters have severe consequences for animals, making it vital to establish comprehensive legislation for their protection and welfare. We assess the current state of animal disaster laws and highlight the necessity of global collaboration. Key principles for effective legislation are identified, emphasizing inclusivity, preparedness, first responders training, public awareness, and collaboration with animal welfare organizations. By showcasing successful case studies, we underscore the positive impact of such laws on animals and disaster response. This presentation aims to inspire action and international cooperation to ensure a safer and more compassionate world for animals during crises.