We initially were using EventsXD to manage conference registrations. Without notice, EventsXD closed their platform just prior to 31 December 2020.

As a result we are now using the sign-up function on our website to collect new registrations. We are unsure if we can recover the registrations made using the EventsXD platform so encourage any one to sign up via our website (mailchimp) just in case.



We hope to run the 2nd GADMC in 2023. Follow our facebook page for updates.

We recommend that attendees get their own conference ticket so we can forecast attendance. We also hope to offer transcripts of attendance, and if the ticket (login) is being used by multiple users associated with a single ticket, we will be unable to offer this to such cases.

No, we welcome practitioner focused presentations as well. For these, you also have the option to provide an opinion piece for the Australian Journal of Emergency Management which is reviewed, but not subject to the blind peer review process common to academic articles.

We are planning to provide an optional (NZD$25) conference transcript to registered attendees, providing they are not sharing their login with others so we can generate a report using Zoom to verify such attendance. This product will be announced by the end of the conference.

Surplus funds raised for GADMC are held by Animal Evac New Zealand in a separate bank account, and will be used to provide scholarships to enable research gaps to be presented on at future conferences, development of the GLADIS database, and other projects to progress protecting animals in disaster such as risk reduction and related advocacy.